“So a Girl Walks Into a Comedy Club”

Personally I think the girl’s reaction was reasonable. Rape is not a joke. One never knows their audience; what if a rape victim was sitting in that comedy club, it might of brought back terrible memories to that individual. 

In my CRWT class we were reading random essays in our Short Prose Reader and one that kind of connects to this tumblr post is Generation Q. To summarize this essay talked about how our generation keeps quiet, we do so much however no one speaks out and spreads the word. And this girl went and said her mind; instead of just sitting there or walking away she spoke out and told Daniel Tosh how she felt.

To add, in the class we also read What I’ve Learned from Men and one part in this essay talks about how women are ladylike. By ladylike this author meant that women HAVE to be nice even if someone is being rude to them. And it says not to give that other person the ability to offend you and the girl in the blog followed that.


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