Domestic Violence Part 1

I do not find it acceptable for a man to hit a woman I also do not find it acceptable to abuse a women mentally. I was shocked and angry when I heard that Chris Brown beat Rihanna. The year this happened was the same year my own sister was a victim of domestic violence and what a toll it took on my family. I still remember the first day it happened; it was on New Year’s Day, coming into 2009 so I was in 8th grade. I was woken up from a loud bang and screaming coming from downstairs, so I ran downstairs to a scene that I will never forget but try to. The next morning my sister had a bunch of bruises and cuts on her arms, I felt so bad for her because I would never want to see my older sister hurt and so vulnerable. As time went on things just got worse, I would not be able to sleep at night because I would be worried her boyfriend at the time might kill her. Anytime I heard a bang or screaming I would run downstairs to see if everything was ok. One time I actually punched his back because he had his hands around my sisters neck. When I look back on it I don’t know how I dealt with it at such a young age. One can easily say I feel bad for Rihanna especially since I’ve seen it happen to someone else. Some may not feel bad for Rihanna because it was said that she did go back to Chris Brown, which I actually do understand because my sister did the same and I asked her why? And her answer was because when he wasn’t beating her he was the best guy she ever dated. I have great sympathy for Rihanna also because I’ve seen the aftermath of this and I’m still watching my sister get better. I would have no idea what to say to Chris Brown, I find him disgusting for doing what he did and I would not waste my time.


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