I dont necessarily refute or support Dr Sears’s work on attachment parenting. I personally think as a mother you can raise your child however you want, unless it is harming the child. To me, it is a little awkward when a child who can walk and talk are still getting breastfed mostly because I do not think that is very acceptable in this society so it doesn’t seem normal to some people. I also feel that the child would depend on their mother too much and the father would be left out. It kind of doesn’t teach the child to be independent and personally, my parents were from Poland so school wise I had to learn everything on my own which I think helped me a lot and will help me for upcoming challenges I may face.

On the other hand, this attachment parenting probably develops a close personality with the parent, which I think is very good to have in a family. I feel like it is good when a child can tell everything to their parents because your parents will always be there for you.


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