Influential Global Female Leader

The woman I picked was Michelle Obama, she is a Harvard grad and as many people know her husband is the president of the United States. Before that, she worked with people in communities  in Chicago. She worked in the University of Chicago as Associate Dean of Student Services and started the university’s first community service program. Michelle Obama still wanted to help others especially young adults and luckily when she became the first lady everything started to go uphill.

She started a campaign called Lets Move! to fight for childhood obesity and improve eating styles to a healthier form. Standing as the first lady, her campaign  has been very successful because many individuals look up to her. It would probable be tough to go on with this change if she was just entitled as a corporate attorney. 



I dont necessarily refute or support Dr Sears’s work on attachment parenting. I personally think as a mother you can raise your child however you want, unless it is harming the child. To me, it is a little awkward when a child who can walk and talk are still getting breastfed mostly because I do not think that is very acceptable in this society so it doesn’t seem normal to some people. I also feel that the child would depend on their mother too much and the father would be left out. It kind of doesn’t teach the child to be independent and personally, my parents were from Poland so school wise I had to learn everything on my own which I think helped me a lot and will help me for upcoming challenges I may face.

On the other hand, this attachment parenting probably develops a close personality with the parent, which I think is very good to have in a family. I feel like it is good when a child can tell everything to their parents because your parents will always be there for you.

Gay Rights

I always was and am for gay rights. I found the Australian commercial adorable and it really shows how love doesn’t need to be between a male and female. I think it will be granted in all of America sooner or later, but it might take awhile. I think there will be hate towards gay because from the way some kids were raised as well as I think the older generation are more traditional and closed to new things unlike the generation now. 

Human Trafficking

I don’t think it can be truly solved, because there are so many people in this world it would be impossible to find all human trafficking done on this planet. A global alliance can be formed to stop it partially but I think it would be very hard to do. We can prevent it from happening by teaching teenagers that it is bad and the consequences that come after it. Many girls turn to human trafficking for man reasons. For example, some girls need money, need the attention, get tricked into doing it, or they might feel like they have nothing better to give to this world.

Domestic Violence Part 2

I don’t think that domestic violence is a big issue women still face more so than the past because of how acceptable divorce is now a days. I feel like back then women kept quiet when things in their relationships went wrong. In particular, back then it wasn’t socially acceptable to get a divorce, usually when something went wrong the male and female would try to work things out. So in the past when a women was a victim of domestic violence she basically had to deal with it. Now, many people get divorced so it is easier to avoid this problem as soon as possible. To add, with social media people are more aware of it and any women can find someone to talk to about how to deal with the problem.

I feel like some areas in the world face this issue in greater numbers because America is a step ahead of many other countries.

Domestic Violence Part 1

I do not find it acceptable for a man to hit a woman I also do not find it acceptable to abuse a women mentally. I was shocked and angry when I heard that Chris Brown beat Rihanna. The year this happened was the same year my own sister was a victim of domestic violence and what a toll it took on my family. I still remember the first day it happened; it was on New Year’s Day, coming into 2009 so I was in 8th grade. I was woken up from a loud bang and screaming coming from downstairs, so I ran downstairs to a scene that I will never forget but try to. The next morning my sister had a bunch of bruises and cuts on her arms, I felt so bad for her because I would never want to see my older sister hurt and so vulnerable. As time went on things just got worse, I would not be able to sleep at night because I would be worried her boyfriend at the time might kill her. Anytime I heard a bang or screaming I would run downstairs to see if everything was ok. One time I actually punched his back because he had his hands around my sisters neck. When I look back on it I don’t know how I dealt with it at such a young age. One can easily say I feel bad for Rihanna especially since I’ve seen it happen to someone else. Some may not feel bad for Rihanna because it was said that she did go back to Chris Brown, which I actually do understand because my sister did the same and I asked her why? And her answer was because when he wasn’t beating her he was the best guy she ever dated. I have great sympathy for Rihanna also because I’ve seen the aftermath of this and I’m still watching my sister get better. I would have no idea what to say to Chris Brown, I find him disgusting for doing what he did and I would not waste my time.

“So a Girl Walks Into a Comedy Club”

Personally I think the girl’s reaction was reasonable. Rape is not a joke. One never knows their audience; what if a rape victim was sitting in that comedy club, it might of brought back terrible memories to that individual. 

In my CRWT class we were reading random essays in our Short Prose Reader and one that kind of connects to this tumblr post is Generation Q. To summarize this essay talked about how our generation keeps quiet, we do so much however no one speaks out and spreads the word. And this girl went and said her mind; instead of just sitting there or walking away she spoke out and told Daniel Tosh how she felt.

To add, in the class we also read What I’ve Learned from Men and one part in this essay talks about how women are ladylike. By ladylike this author meant that women HAVE to be nice even if someone is being rude to them. And it says not to give that other person the ability to offend you and the girl in the blog followed that.

Street Harassment

I never experienced any extensive form of street harassment. I always got honked at, whistled at, etc. while walking down the street.  It never really seemed to bother me since it was so common and coming from a small town where nothing bad ever happens it never creeped me out or anything.

However, I do have an experience that I’ll never forget. I was probably in middle school; my friends and I were walking back home from Burger King. It was a nice stroll until random guys honked at us. Additionally, they had a blow horn and they opened the door of the moving car. It scared me because it came out of nowhere. Then they started to yell inappropriate things to us, which I found very rude to say to girls.

I didn’t find it as a HUGE deal at the time however we were very young and now it did seem kind of creepy.

Female Chauvinist Pigs

I would say that I agree with Ariel Levy’s opinion on Standards of Beauty how society now looks up to basically a unrealistic person. Many woman get so much plastic surgery done on themselves took look like a woman from a magazine, which half the time is photoshopped. To add, in the video about Girls Gone Wild I was surprised that these girls don’t get paid they just do it for fun.